One Mad Mother

The weather has been very windy today.  I’m thinking mother nature is in some sort of bad mood.  We’ve had a tree fall in the neighbors yard then the tree took out the power line, so now we are without power.  Our empty swimming pool has blown over and there are trash cans all over the neighborhood.  Love this crazy weather.  The fire department had to show up to secure the downed power lines and we’re waiting on the energy company to restore power.  I just talked to my mom in Florida and she said the windy weather here has made national news. 55 mile per hour gusts. Hold on to your hats boys, it’s gonna be a windy ride!


Hi-Speed Hayride (huh)?

I just hope I can really dictate the hilarity of what my husband said to me last night as we were about to drift off to sleep…  Sleep apenea is a disorder in which some folks actually stop breathing in their sleep. My husband has this manageable issue, and with the help of a C-pap machine, he sleeps comfortably. The C-pap is worn like a mask over the nose and mouth (think Darth Vader) and blows a constant blast of air directly into his face as he sleeps. I’ve tried on the mask and it feels like you have your head hanging out a car window at 65mph. I couldn’t stand it!  As he was suiting up for a good nights rest,  I asked my dozing husband how he could stand that thing blowing in his face. He responded; I think back on fond memories in my life…. like when I  would take my motorcycle out for a ride; the blast of wind in my face so strong, it would make my eyes water. Or like… when I would drive my speedboat standing up. The air rushing over the windshield would make my cheeks flap, or…  like… going on… a hayride.