A Little Bit About The Man I Call “D”

Some genuine Flint history here!…

…I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon this!!!
I truly believe that my father played a part in building Flint, MI into the automobile mecca it became in the late 1960’s!

Not only my amazing “D”, but hundreds came to Flint looking to become a part of the growing automotive industry.
My dad started young and was determined not to, eventually, let “some 30 year old punk”, become his boss.
He got the education and training needed to acquire a position in the big city! aka: the D! Well, more like Warren, Mi…

…Regardless, he retired after about 30 yrs of service to GM, as a Senior tool and die design engineer. He even pioneered and patented the door handle assemblies that we’re used in the Buick models in the late 1980’s! (In the pic with the BIG BOSS, my D is receiving the first fruits of his labor)

He’d came from a very humble beginning in North Dakota, and, retired with a very comfortable life here in the Mitten! He and my step-mother spent their days traveling the world!

He was an avid golfer and had played the game on some of the most beautiful courses the US has to offer. He truly loved the game and he accomplished the ultimate…
A hole-in-one!🤫⛳👏🏼 126 yds with a 7 iron! (glass trophy pic)

He lived his life with an inspirational attitude. Always positive, yet logical with a no-nosense approach to everything.

Right-wing to the extreme, I NEVER EVER in my WHOLE LIFE saw him in anything but khakis and collared shirts. Business suits and a briefcase were the Monday-Friday attire.
He believed in helping those who helped themselves. He expected nothing less than a hard lesson from bad choices, and yet he never pointed a finger!

“Always do what’s expected AND a little bit more”.

He was always a presence in the room. His genuine, hard-working, character was something men today, should strive to emulate.
Chivalry lived strong in my father’s heart, as I, nor my step-mother, EVER touched ANY type of door handle! I once saw him remove his professionally tailored sport coat to shield a female strangers hair from getting mussed up from the rain on her way into a restaurant.
And on a funnier note…. my awesome dad even took the blame for a loud fart his wife let go, in the middle of a crowded group of tourists!

“Oops, excuse me, excuse me”, he quickly boasted, as not to embarrass her.

Who does that????

The American Dream WAS once alive and thriving here. My father’s life was a testament to that. GM served our family well, hate to see the dream die for others!

My D lost his battle with cancer just a few yrs ago, but to anyone who knew him, knew that regardless of his pain, if you asked him how he’s doing, his response was ALWAYS the same… “Nearly perfect”!

He passed away on his birthday in 2013. I suppose he didn’t want to keep us grieving any longer than necessary.
I feel honored to be his daughter! He was TRULY a great human being!


It’s Been Awhile

I seem to have been in a writing-rut for a while now.  I just haven’t had the motivation to write, or anything interesting to write about.  You see, my life is pretty uneventful.  I stay at home with my two youngest sons and keep house all day.  So, I am actually happy that things are uneventful. Major events usually mean chaos will ensue. Today has been good so far;  3rd grader stayed home from school today with a mild fever, luckily it’s just a cold, had a doctor appointment for myself to get my medicine, now cooking dinner (and writing) I’m ADD remember, I can do several things at once.

On a very happy note, my son, Cody (#1) is coming home for a visit in a week!  Haven’t seen him in over a year, he lives in Texas. I am so excited!  I have one picture of me with all six of my sons, taken like 7 years ago, I’m hoping to get another pic with all of them.  It is just so hard to get them all together.  My oldest two, Cody and Ryan, are grown up and out on their own, my middle two, Chaisten and Jacksen, live with their fathers, and my youngest two, Caleb and Evan, live with me.  I gave birth to 6 amazing sons in my efforts to have just one daughter.  Fortunately for me, I inherited a wonderful step-daughter.  She is my sweet girl among all these boys.

I guess my uneventful life is pretty great when I think about my kids.  And the next time I have nothing to write about, I’ll just write about my kids. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day!

Small Proud Moments

Maybe it is silly, but I get so excited when I learn something new; or grasp a concept.  I am sitting here right now, proud as a peach, because I changed the theme of this blog without any major screw-ups!

I figured out how to set the featured image and how to fetch photos from the web to use. You see, I’m not very tech savvy; so, a feat such as saving photos and retrieving them, is huge!

And they say adhd is a disorder. Ha!, I’m a genius!