Later- As In Procrastination

via Daily Prompt: Later

I use the word ‘later’ often.  Being adhd, as I am, I procrastinate ALOT! I just can never seem to get anything done. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot, I’m just not very productive.  I start things and don’t finish them, I have a sudden urge to begin a task and literally before I can get to it, my “channels” have changed and I could care less about it. I hate that. And I can’t focus right now on this, my husband is playing ridiculous you tube video! I’ll write more LATER.

Daily Prompt: Purple ‘My Favorite Color’

At the exact moment I read my email regarding todays daily prompt, my husband and I were just discussing how flowers are dyed different colors.  My favorite color is purple and I love nothing more than beautiful purple flowers. I have always been a lover of all things purple and all shades of purple. Purple is the color of royalty, and my bedroom!  I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t love purple. via Daily Prompt: Purple