Daydreaming About Billions


Can you even imagine, being at home, in your recliner, watching the drawing, and OMG, you hold a winning ticket! My brain can’t even wrap itself around that kind of money. That kind of instant wealth is something that most people will never, in their lifetime, ever see.
I am just like everyone else, I’ve daydreamed about having a 10-digit bank account balance.  And, honestly, I  stop dreaming right there; it’ll never happen!  Seriously though, have you seen the odds?  Our chances of winning the lottery are like hundreds-of-millions to one. But I keep telling myself that someone will eventually win; why not me?  Because I am realistic. — as I stare at this square of paper in my hand, and pray one more time.
We’re all facing the same odds, what the heck.  Good Luck to everyone!

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