ADHD Confirmed; A New Diagnosis

Happy Sunday all! Hope your day is beautifully blessed! I’m looking forward to a productive week. I’m ready, focused and eager for Monday. I just love the start of a new week.

Speaking of starts;  my brave, handsome, struggling son, will begin taking medication for his ADHD.  This whole school year has been more challenging than we expected.  And, at the observance of his teacher, we made an appointment with the pediatrician.  We answered all the questions, voiced our concerns, and with one swift jot of his pen, the doctor made his diagnosis:  ADHD, inattentive type.  The dr believes that a small dose of Adderall is all he’ll need to help focus while at school.  I’m very optimistic!  I know that with true ADHD, there isn’t anything else that helps.wp-image-1807980473

Talk therapy and behavior modification are, in my opinion, kind of ineffective when dealing with ADHD issues.  Talking about our shortcomings won’t fix them, and just try to correct an impulsive child, ha! Good luck!  For me, I feel that medication is the way to go.  I chose medication when I was diagnosed at 27yo, and I WISH I had been medicated sooner!  I struggled with all aspects of my life before my diagnosis, so that is why I am choosing medication therapy for my son.  He struggles enough already,  and I’m on a mission to not let ADHD define my kid.  I just want him to “feel” like everyone else. Because he knows he’s a little different, he understands that he has to work a little harder.  I’m really hoping the Adderall does its job and brings my child the clarity and focus he needs.  I don’t want him to work harder, I want him to work smarter!


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