July 4 2017

Well, I’m trying to stick to this writing thing, even if it is only a short post.  I am struggling for words these days.  It is like I have so much to say, but my story is exhausting to tell.  Having ADD makes it even worse because I cannot focus on one thing to write about. I’m feeling very confused lately, the relationships in my life seem to be on a downward spiral.  Through, no fault of my own, I might add. Yet, I am compelled to fix them.  I need people in my life, we all do.  It just seems that it is so hard for me to keep these relationships healthy and alive. Without trying, I feel that I drive people away.  That would explain why I really don’t have any friends. Just another issue in the life of an innatentive type ADDer.  Happy 4th of July!


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