All For The “LIKES”

As I sit here in front of my laptop with my phone also open beside me, I wonder why do we really post all these memes and quotes and pictures to the internet?  Because we want “likes” that’s why.  I post to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr (by the way, you can find me at all of these using my name karitaber), and I realize that the reason I post is because I want total strangers from all over the world to acknowledge and “like” me.  I think I’m doing this for some sort of acceptance or something.  Am I whats called an attention whore? Or am I just sad and lonely looking for friends?  Whatever the psychological reason, I really do enjoy the internet and everything it has to offer. And I’ll continue to post and hope for the “like”.


2 thoughts on “All For The “LIKES”

  1. When you seek “like” you are actually looking for acceptance, appreciation, approval and gesture of presence of like minded people, isn’t it? This is something similar to making friends and this is a natural instinct. Here you go – “Liked it”


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