All For The “LIKES”

As I sit here in front of my laptop with my phone also open beside me, I wonder why do we really post all these memes and quotes and pictures to the internet?  Because we want “likes” that’s why.  I post to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr (by the way, you can find me at all of these using my name karitaber), and I realize that the reason I post is because I want total strangers from all over the world to acknowledge and “like” me.  I think I’m doing this for some sort of acceptance or something.  Am I whats called an attention whore? Or am I just sad and lonely looking for friends?  Whatever the psychological reason, I really do enjoy the internet and everything it has to offer. And I’ll continue to post and hope for the “like”.


Not All Stimulant Medications Are Created Equal

Stimulant medication is usually the first thing a doctor will prescribe for the reduction of ADHD symptoms.  But these medications do not behave the same way in my case.  I was first prescribed Ritalin several years ago and it worked perfectly; the problem was that it is such a short-acting med that I was taking 2 or 3 a day, as prescribed. I wanted something longer lasting so I opted to try Vyvanse.  It has not worked beautifully.  Though these drugs are in the same catergory, they work very differently.  The Ritalin made me calm, focused, nice, patient, and smart.  Vyvanse, on the other hand, makes me feel like I’m an idiot. Sure it calms me a bit but that’s where it ends.  And, I wanted to explain that my posts are so short because I am on Vyvanse, and it does not help the focus.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Daily Prompt: Purple ‘My Favorite Color’

At the exact moment I read my email regarding todays daily prompt, my husband and I were just discussing how flowers are dyed different colors.  My favorite color is purple and I love nothing more than beautiful purple flowers. I have always been a lover of all things purple and all shades of purple. Purple is the color of royalty, and my bedroom!  I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t love purple. via Daily Prompt: Purple

Forcing Out A Post

Why is writing so hard for me sometimes? This should be an enjoyable experience, but when you have 20 million thoughts pulling you in all directions, it is hard to focus on one thing to write about. Like, I’ve said before, ADHD at its finest. I’m sure any true writer would be irritated to read this because writing should be a creative process, right? Forcing it is almost like faking an orgasm, it’s just not the same. I used to actually be a good writer, got a 4.0 in my Engl101 class in college. I’m not medicated right now, maybe that makes a difference. Maybe, hell, I know that makes a difference. I’ll take my meds tomorrow and try this again. Until then….

One Mad Mother

The weather has been very windy today.  I’m thinking mother nature is in some sort of bad mood.  We’ve had a tree fall in the neighbors yard then the tree took out the power line, so now we are without power.  Our empty swimming pool has blown over and there are trash cans all over the neighborhood.  Love this crazy weather.  The fire department had to show up to secure the downed power lines and we’re waiting on the energy company to restore power.  I just talked to my mom in Florida and she said the windy weather here has made national news. 55 mile per hour gusts. Hold on to your hats boys, it’s gonna be a windy ride!