Meds Work – If You Take Them

Being the “special” individual that I am; I take a few different medications daily to maintain (almost) normal function.  I live with adult adhd, depression, and anxiety.  It has taken months, if not years, to get my concoction of medications just right.  And at 7:30 every morning, I take them.  I cannot imagine how I would function without them.  But I know that there are individuals who could possibly benefit from medication therapy, but choose to not take medicine. I can’t understand why. If you are someone who chooses no meds , comment a quick ‘why’ below. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “Meds Work – If You Take Them

  1. I was on meds the last two years of working before I retired, in a last-ditch, desperate effort to stay in control and employable. Unfortunately, the negative side effects of all the meds far outweighed the benefits. I was already only sleeping 4-5 hours a night…on meds for ADD, both antidepressants and stimulants my sleep cycle was reduced to two or three hours of disturbed sleep. I could barely eat and became very hostile. It was pretty bad!

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  2. I think people who are very against meds are sometimes over the top but also brave. For me the right combo of meds saved my life. I think some people just want to fight battles themselves and not be dependent on meds. To me though once something is affecting your daily life it may be time for a little chemical help! Not everyone is blessed with chemical balance and I would not hesitate to put a bandaid on a cut on my arm so I don’t hesitate to put a metaphorical bandaid on my
    Broken brain 🙂

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  3. I think many are reluctant to admit they have a problem, which is the first step in seeking help.
    I truly believe that my mother could benefit from an antidepressant, but she doesn’t want to admit weakness, plus she believes others people make her unhappy, and doesn’t wish to take any responsibility.

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  4. I have mixed results on medication, however I have never taken them regularly. I think for them to work effectively that is essential. Either way, I am glad you found something which works for you!

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  5. The reason is don’t like to take them is due to simple neurology. When you take any drug; antidepressants, Valium Caffine, etc your body will attempt to go back to its baseline state by reducing receptors in your brain (down-regulation). So while you may feel great on the medicine, when you stop taking them you can feel terrible. This in itself is not the main problem, the problem is there is some evidence that some of these changes can be permenant (google tardive dysphoria). The truth I know people who go on about the pharmaceutical industry sound like crackpots, but I do not believe that the drugs are entirely safe for everyone. And now the internet has been widely available for nearly two decades, we can see huge numbers of anecdotal reports of permenant side effects from these drugs.

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