It’s Been Awhile

I seem to have been in a writing-rut for a while now.  I just haven’t had the motivation to write, or anything interesting to write about.  You see, my life is pretty uneventful.  I stay at home with my two youngest sons and keep house all day.  So, I am actually happy that things are uneventful. Major events usually mean chaos will ensue. Today has been good so far;  3rd grader stayed home from school today with a mild fever, luckily it’s just a cold, had a doctor appointment for myself to get my medicine, now cooking dinner (and writing) I’m ADD remember, I can do several things at once.

On a very happy note, my son, Cody (#1) is coming home for a visit in a week!  Haven’t seen him in over a year, he lives in Texas. I am so excited!  I have one picture of me with all six of my sons, taken like 7 years ago, I’m hoping to get another pic with all of them.  It is just so hard to get them all together.  My oldest two, Cody and Ryan, are grown up and out on their own, my middle two, Chaisten and Jacksen, live with their fathers, and my youngest two, Caleb and Evan, live with me.  I gave birth to 6 amazing sons in my efforts to have just one daughter.  Fortunately for me, I inherited a wonderful step-daughter.  She is my sweet girl among all these boys.

I guess my uneventful life is pretty great when I think about my kids.  And the next time I have nothing to write about, I’ll just write about my kids. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day!


One comment

  1. I have adult adhd. Finally, I’m in treatment for it. I’m glad you got fixed up. I just make these silly viral videos to keep myself entertained. I wonder if you’d click on this one and tell me what you think. You are so lucky you have kids. I missed out.
    “Three Sizes of Clothes”
    Not sure if you noticed the fantastic amount of comments your blog received over the weekend:


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