What Does It Feel Like To Have ADHD?

People Share What ADHD Really Feels Like | World of Psychology

People Share What ADHD Really Feels Like | World of Psychology:
Many people misunderstand what it means to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “ADHD is not like pregnancy,” said Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. “It is not an either you have it or you don’t phenomenon.” Each of us has some ADHD traits some of the time, he said. “When diagnoses exist on a spectrum like that, it can lead people who have a trait, but not ADHD, to think that they know what the latter part of the spectrum feels like, when they don’t.”
We asked people who have ADHD to share what ADHD feels like. You might notice both similarities and differences in their descriptions, because as writer Kelly Babcock said, “ADHD is never exactly the same for any two people.” Dan Perdue According to Dan Perdue, an ADHD coach, blogger and parent with ADHD: “For me, ADHD often feels like living in a room with a dozen TVs all at about half volume and each playing a different station.
Take a walk in my shoes.


From the age of 5 I’ve known what dope was. I knew the smell, how it makes people act, how it makes people feel, how it made you feel, I wished for a different you, everyday. A do over, a do over on being conceived, and do over on being born here, you could’ve created someone else but you created me, tortured me with your selfishness, arrogance, ignorance, verbal abuse and self hate. I hate you, and what you did to 3 perfect souls. As hard as this is to say, I love you, you created 3 beautiful souls who will become everything you weren’t. Thank you for teaching me at age 5 not to become an addict. –Unknown

I don’t know who wrote this but, when I ran across it, it really hit home. You see,  I grew up with a pill addicted mom, and thank God, I forgave her for her “raw humanness” before she passed. Though, I still pray for the little girl inside me that was so often devastated by her mommy’s behavior.

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Nearly Normal

It is so nice to be able to focus on what I choose to, not what my mind wants to. My mind would like to be all over the place, but not today. Today I took the medicine that makes the ADD go away. Literally, for the next few hours, I get to be as ‘normal’ as any non-ADDer. That is the only reason I can write right now.
It is also so nice to actually engage in conversation with my husband. He can yap and yap and yap, and I will catch every word. Usually, I cannot focus long enough to chat, let alone, listen to my husbands looooong stories. Today is a good day for me. Enjoy yours!

Meds Work – If You Take Them

Being the “special” individual that I am; I take a few different medications daily to maintain (almost) normal function.  I live with adult adhd, depression, and anxiety.  It has taken months, if not years, to get my concoction of medications just right.  And at 7:30 every morning, I take them.  I cannot imagine how I would function without them.  But I know that there are individuals who could possibly benefit from medication therapy, but choose to not take medicine. I can’t understand why. If you are someone who chooses no meds , comment a quick ‘why’ below. Thanks.

It’s Been Awhile

I seem to have been in a writing-rut for a while now.  I just haven’t had the motivation to write, or anything interesting to write about.  You see, my life is pretty uneventful.  I stay at home with my two youngest sons and keep house all day.  So, I am actually happy that things are uneventful. Major events usually mean chaos will ensue. Today has been good so far;  3rd grader stayed home from school today with a mild fever, luckily it’s just a cold, had a doctor appointment for myself to get my medicine, now cooking dinner (and writing) I’m ADD remember, I can do several things at once.

On a very happy note, my son, Cody (#1) is coming home for a visit in a week!  Haven’t seen him in over a year, he lives in Texas. I am so excited!  I have one picture of me with all six of my sons, taken like 7 years ago, I’m hoping to get another pic with all of them.  It is just so hard to get them all together.  My oldest two, Cody and Ryan, are grown up and out on their own, my middle two, Chaisten and Jacksen, live with their fathers, and my youngest two, Caleb and Evan, live with me.  I gave birth to 6 amazing sons in my efforts to have just one daughter.  Fortunately for me, I inherited a wonderful step-daughter.  She is my sweet girl among all these boys.

I guess my uneventful life is pretty great when I think about my kids.  And the next time I have nothing to write about, I’ll just write about my kids. Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day!