Good Morning all!

I am facing a very busy day, and I’m not looking forward to it. You see, all of my housework I was supposed to get done yesterday, didn’t get done.  Instead, yesterday, I hyper focused on my phone. Now, I have a house in disarray, that must be cleaned today.  I just love procrastinating.  I put off any and everything I find daunting and unpleasant, such as dishes, laundry, dusting.  Well, I guess I should get busy.  Enjoy your day!


Medication Dilemma

The one thing about taking a controlled  substance for ADHD symptom management is that filling a script for such a medication is not always easy.
I just picked up my script for Vyvanse yesterday around 3 o’clock and took it straight to the pharmacy. Luckily, I decided to wait for it to get filled,  because just as the pharmacist was going to fill it, she noticed that the Dr had not signed the prescription.
I quickly ran the script back to the Dr  office to get it signed. Well, of course, there was not a Dr available to sign the script, so I have to go this weekend unmedicated.  At least I  can look forward to getting back on track Monday morning.
Take Care All!