Another Try

So, yesterday I went to an appointment hoping to find my “magic pill”. What I got was a new ADHD medicine. Not exactly new to me, I have taken Strattera before. It is a non stimulant and doesn’t work nearly as well as Ritalin, for example.
I’ve opted to give Strattera another try because I’d like to not be on stimulants right now.  My Dr has assured me that it will not work because I am used to the way the stimulant alleviates my symptoms.
I’m trying the non-stimulant for seven days then I’m going to call the Dr to let her know how I’m feeling. If it doesn’t work, I will opt for a long-lasting stimulant such as Vyvanse. 


Finding My Magic Pill

   I have an appointment today with a new doctor; or at least the person who prescribes my medicine. I’m optimistic about this visit, I’m hoping to have my medication adjusted. I have been on the same three meds for years and they don’t seem to be working as effectively as they once did. I’ve heard this is common with my types of meds. One for ADHD, and two for depression.
  My anxiety and lack of concentration have almost become debilitating. I guess I’m hoping for a new magic pill to cure all my emotional ailments.   I can deal with this mental stuff,  thank God for my good physical health.
  I pray today for all suffering from physical and/or mental illness; that we all find our magic pill.
Have a great day!