My Unrelenting ADD Ocean

ADD rarely travels alone; especially if it’s undiagnosed until adulthood.  My breaking point was an anxiety attack that I experienced in my late 20’s. Panicked about what was happening to me, I immediately went to see my physician. After a few weeks of testing, I was a confirmed ADDer; with anxiety and depression. Lucky me, a 3 for 1 diagnosis.
My life hasn’t been easy, not that that’s anyone’s fault but my own, I am just tired of “swimming” and never reaching shore.  Because that is where my healthy, happy life is; on the shore.  Unfortunately, I’m out here alone in the middle of the waves trying desperately to swim to shore. My healthy relationship is there, my college education is there, my career is there, and my own forgiveness is there; but I’m not.  You see, I’m swimming like mad, but I get so tired before I reach dry land, that I stop to rest and get pulled back out to sea.
This is my life with adult add; it will always be a struggle.

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Just A Quick “Thank You”

I truly appreciate any and everyone who has taken the time to read my blog posts. Thank you also for continuing to follow me, even though I don’t write as often as I should, I beg your interest.  Have a great evening!

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