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Adult Add Devastating For Some Women

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One comment on “Adult Add Devastating For Some Women

  1. tmezpoetry
    February 6, 2016

    I’m a later in life diagnosed add’r, diagnosed three years ago in my early 40’s. It is true for any condition that if we do not know what we are dealing with exactly, we may attribute the symptoms or struggles to characters flaws (the same as with depression) when it is not. For example, women with PCOS, which is a debilitating physical condition, often have a very hard time losing weight because of the condition rather than what they do… although others have all kinds of advice on losing weight when one thing will work for advise givers which will not work for the women with PCOS. Understanding these things is fundamental for coping and dealing with these struggles. But it doesn’t have to be devastating and self esteem is an issue, given the longevity of life and varied experiences, many of us have to continue working through.

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