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Hi-Speed Hayride (huh)?

I just hope I can really dictate the hilarity of what my husband said to me last night as we were about to drift off to sleep…  Sleep apenea is a disorder in which some folks actually stop breathing in their sleep. My husband has this manageable issue, and with the help of a C-pap machine, he sleeps comfortably. The C-pap is worn like a mask over the nose and mouth (think Darth Vader) and blows a constant blast of air directly into his face as he sleeps. I’ve tried on the mask and it feels like you have your head hanging out a car window at 65mph. I couldn’t stand it!  As he was suiting up for a good nights rest,  I asked my dozing husband how he could stand that thing blowing in his face. He responded; I think back on fond memories in my life…. like when I  would take my motorcycle out for a ride; the blast of wind in my face so strong, it would make my eyes water. Or like… when I would drive my speedboat standing up. The air rushing over the windshield would make my cheeks flap, or…  like… going on… a hayride.



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