Are You A Good Receiver Of Gifts?

My husband and I have had some financial difficulties recently.  We’re making it month to month, but just barely.  A friend of my husband’s has decided to help ease our burden this month and pay to have our car and truck plates renewed.  This is very kind of him and will help tremendously.  The problem is that I have no idea how to accept this help. Just ‘thank you’ is probably enough but, honestly, I’d rather him not help at all.  Its not his problem.  My parents help a lot and I am so thankful, but it is different when your peers want to help.
Now instead of being ‘equal’,  I feel like we’re beneath them. I already have issues with this due to my ADD.  I am in a very uncomfortable place today.  I just don’t know how to accept a gift that doesn’t have strings attached. I’m only going along with this for my husband’s sake.  I, personally, am embarrassed and humiliated that we are in a financial mess. Though out fininancial issue is because my husband got very sick and couldn’t work.
Is “thanks” enough?

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