Um, Are You Kidding?

One of my worst “flaws” is the fact that I cannot read people. I mean I really can’t always tell what someone is feeling based on their words or actions. This makes having relationships extremely difficult.  Most people may have this issue when they first meet someone, until they get to know them, that is. I, for example, misinterpreted my own mother quite often. I was always asking her if she was mad at me, most of the time, she wasn’t.

I know I’m not the only ADDer that misinterprets verbal and non-verbal signals.  But, I always seem to be the one left with hurt feelings and confusion.  Like, I’m the only one who didn’t get the joke;  a very vulnerable place to be. I’m certain that I’ve screwed up many, if not all potential friendships, due to my oversensitivity and inability to “read” into perspective.

“If behavior is judged by intentions, then we ADDers are blameless, we didn’t mean it ” -Unknown

Adult ADD

I felt a cleaving in my mind-
As if my brain had split-
I tried to match it-seam by seam-
But could not make them fit.

The thought behind, I strove to join
Unto the thought before-
But sequence ravelled out of sound-
Like balls-upon a floor.
          —Emily Dickinson (1864)

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Use ADD As An Explanation, Not An Excuse

This may seem unconventional, and some of you may disagree, but when I meet new people, I tell them that I have ADD.   I believe that by explaining my “flighty-ness” up front, it thwarts misunderstandings later.
  I describe how I may fidget and bounce around; and that I may appear to not be paying attention, by actually I’m trying very hard to listen and be attentive. I’ve learned that people like having friends who care and listen; something that I have a hard time doing.

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