Consistency– Or Lack There Of

“The most consistent thing about us ADDers is our inconsistency”–Unknown
I detest being so inconsistent, I cant stick with anything! I hate not being able to stick with anything for more than a moment. Even this blog, I get excited and write, then I don’t care and ignore it for a few days. I hate ADD! Even medicated my symptoms are (to me) severe. Bear with me as I try to refocus myself.


Faith & Focus

Inspiration With Explanation

When I fall short on my faith & focus, things don’t turn out Right.

From the most minute detail, to the biggest & most challenging aspects of daily life… faith & focus are vital.

And not only are faith & focus vital, but it is absolutely essential that I experience them in the present moment.

Yesterday’s faith & focus won’t help me today.

The goal for today: know that God will help me stay focused on the task at hand, if I will simply remember to ask & ask in full faith!

Have a great day everybody!

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