Home Sweet Overwhelming Home

Hi Readers!  I just got home from a week long camping trip; and boy does it seem like I have a zillion things to do.  I was so anxious to leave for my camping trip that I left my house in a disarray. So, now I’m home with camping mess to clean and house to clean.  A real overwhelming treat for my fragile ADD brain.  I will get my medication filled in a couple of days, maybe I’ll clean then. Or maybe I’ll throw in a load of towels and go ahead and unload the dishwasher….Urrgh! Maybe not.

I’m in a familiar place once again; the wheels are spinning, smoking even, and I still have a difficult time getting anything done.  Anyone with ADD can relate, I’m sure.  I try to think of a productive ways to attack my house-mess.  One room at a time seems like the logical way to get things done, but that would require me to stay in one place for a period of time, and, unmedicated, I just cant do that.

Actually, I cannot believe I’m writing this post.  As I said before, I will get my script of Vyvanse in a couple of days, I usually can only focus enough to write when I’m medicated.  Matter of fact, I will be writing a new post soon.  –on a subject I’m willing to share because I think it affects a lot of adult ADDers.  Look for  ‘The ADDiction, My Story’  coming soon.


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