Coffee With Noor

Hope was
wasted on you as
I held open my pages,
awaiting your story,
forgetting that
I have always been able
to compose my own.

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Home Sweet Overwhelming Home

Hi Readers!  I just got home from a week long camping trip; and boy does it seem like I have a zillion things to do.  I was so anxious to leave for my camping trip that I left my house in a disarray. So, now I’m home with camping mess to clean and house to clean.  A real overwhelming treat for my fragile ADD brain.  I will get my medication filled in a couple of days, maybe I’ll clean then. Or maybe I’ll throw in a load of towels and go ahead and unload the dishwasher….Urrgh! Maybe not.

I’m in a familiar place once again; the wheels are spinning, smoking even, and I still have a difficult time getting anything done.  Anyone with ADD can relate, I’m sure.  I try to think of a productive ways to attack my house-mess.  One room at a time seems like the logical way to get things done, but that would require me to stay in one place for a period of time, and, unmedicated, I just cant do that.

Actually, I cannot believe I’m writing this post.  As I said before, I will get my script of Vyvanse in a couple of days, I usually can only focus enough to write when I’m medicated.  Matter of fact, I will be writing a new post soon.  –on a subject I’m willing to share because I think it affects a lot of adult ADDers.  Look for  ‘The ADDiction, My Story’  coming soon.

An Inside Job

Absolutely right!

Inspiration With Explanation

People don’t make other people Happy… Happiness does!

People don’t make other people feel Love… Love does!

People don’t make other people Peaceful… Peace does!

I must possess these things before I can spread them to others… & even then, I can only help you find them inside of yourself.

I no longer believe that it’s your responsibility to make me Happy.

The goal for today: find Happiness, Love & Peace within myself… & then help others do the same!

Have a great day everybody!

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So We’ve Embraced Our ADD; or is it??

The more research I try to do on my condition, the more confused I become.  You see, I’m one of these self-diagnosers.  Don’t get me wrong, my ADD diagnosis is valid, but as I read about other disorders that can mask or co-exhist with ADD, I fear I’m not carrying around enough labels.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can mask or accompany ADD, here’s a short list…

Anxiety disorder

Bi-polar disorder

Caffeinism (excessive coffee or soda drinking) -yeah, I have this!

Conduct disorder


Disorders of impulse control

Chronic fatigue


Lead poisoning

…just to name a few.

Knowledge is power, knowing how you “tick” is key to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and life.  Relationships can flourish instead of suffer, work can be more productive, and we can be more content playing the hand we were dealt.