ADD Meds Needed For More Than Just School Or Work

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom like me, and you just happen to struggle with the chaos of ADD, you know that a good medication regimen is imperative to maintaining your sanity. Most of the time, doctors begin medication therapy to get the initial inattentiveness under control; usually after a short trial and error period the magic dose is found and the ADD seems to almost disappear.  Suddenly, everyday chores like laundry and dishes seem to ‘get done’ without a melt-down; the kids make it to school on time, and dinner is on the table at precisely 6pm each night.  To an ADD mom, this ease in routine is life-changing.

ADD meds are wonderful for helping keep focus in a classroom setting.  They keep the vectors that pull us in 100 different directions at bay; this makes learning and retaining new material slightly possible.  Also in a work environment where focus is key, meds for the adult ADDer are a necessity.  But what if you don’t go to work or school?  What if you’re just a stay-at-home-mom, like me, who utilizes medication to keep a steady attention span, so I can get things done.  So my household can run smoothly, and I can be less anxious, my family deserves that.

Unmedicated, for me, is starting laundry, starting dishes, starting a grocery list, starting to clean the bathroom, and finally, starting dinner!  Notice there is an absence of the word ‘finish’.  I start several things, never finish one, go to bed exhausted and overwhelmed because nothing got done.  I skip around from chore to chore, not getting much accomplished.

I was recently told by my doctor that unless I begin going to school or get a job, he will be taking me off my ADD medication.  He says I shouldn’t need meds if I’m not going to be outside of the home. What?!?!?  I plan to study the ethics of this issue a bit further.  More to come……




  1. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. For all their education, some doctors are just so ignorant. Even psychiatrists do this nonsense! Even though I didn’t want anything at first, my psychiatrist made me wait until school resumed to start me on ADHD medication. I just started taking it last month, and it’s prescribed for “when needed. When would it not be needed? Ridiculous.

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  2. That’s awful! It is about the QUALITY of life, that medication has improved for you. I decided to have a psychiatrist prescribe and monitor my medications when I was officially diagnosed a year ago. Too many primary doctors don’t understand the in depth nature of these medications, what is “safe”, and when to make changes. A psychiatrist specializes in those medications. Praying for the best for you.


  3. Now, that doesn’t sound right! So people don’t get to function normally if their job is not a taxable one? Preposterous! Don’t know if it’s possible, but if it is, try and change doctors.


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