ADD Meds Needed For More Than Just School Or Work

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom like me, and you just happen to struggle with the chaos of ADD, you know that a good medication regimen is imperative to maintaining your sanity. Most of the time, doctors begin medication therapy to get the initial inattentiveness under control; usually after a short trial and error period the magic dose is found and the ADD seems to almost disappear.  Suddenly, everyday chores like laundry and dishes seem to ‘get done’ without a melt-down; the kids make it to school on time, and dinner is on the table at precisely 6pm each night.  To an ADD mom, this ease in routine is life-changing.

ADD meds are wonderful for helping keep focus in a classroom setting.  They keep the vectors that pull us in 100 different directions at bay; this makes learning and retaining new material slightly possible.  Also in a work environment where focus is key, meds for the adult ADDer are a necessity.  But what if you don’t go to work or school?  What if you’re just a stay-at-home-mom, like me, who utilizes medication to keep a steady attention span, so I can get things done.  So my household can run smoothly, and I can be less anxious, my family deserves that.

Unmedicated, for me, is starting laundry, starting dishes, starting a grocery list, starting to clean the bathroom, and finally, starting dinner!  Notice there is an absence of the word ‘finish’.  I start several things, never finish one, go to bed exhausted and overwhelmed because nothing got done.  I skip around from chore to chore, not getting much accomplished.

I was recently told by my doctor that unless I begin going to school or get a job, he will be taking me off my ADD medication.  He says I shouldn’t need meds if I’m not going to be outside of the home. What?!?!?  I plan to study the ethics of this issue a bit further.  More to come……