Ditch The Meds For The Weekend

There is a very special little girl in my life that loves to play, laugh and chase her brothers; on the weekends, that is.  You see, she has ADHD, and if she isn’t medicated during the week, she would be an unproductive disruption at school.  It took a couple of years of getting it wrong before it got right and she got a diagnosis.  And, since this diagnosis has come early in her life, hopefully she’ll be spared some of the depression and frustration that comes with being a unmedicated adult.

During the week, when she’s in school, at her mother’s house, she takes her Ritalin on a regularly scheduled routine.  And, as expected, it has worked beautifully.  She’s calm, quiet; able to sit during class and learn without disruption.  Her grades have improved and she even came in second place at her schools’ science fair!  Though she may be almost eerily quiet when she’s on her medicine, it’s a stark contrast from the squally, giggly, chatterbox that she normally is.  The Ritalin also keeps her body calm; she sits relaxed, no running, jumping, or chasing of the boys.

On the weekends, when she’s at our house, I prefer her to be unmedicated.  I adore her just the way she is, squally, giggly, runny, and jumpy!  I believe that on the weekends she should be able to play without a chemical inhibition that she can’t control.  Granted, those behaviors aren’t appropriate for school, and, since she can’t control them herself, the medicine is a must-have.  She was sent to our house a few times, still under the effects of the ADHD medication, it was almost sad.  She just sat on the couch and looked around, almost as if she wanted to play, but she couldn’t.  It was as if invisible chains were holding her down and invisible tape over her mouth, as she barely spoke a word.  She wasn’t able to interact with her brothers or even play with the dogs, and she loves the dogs!

So, in conclusion, thank God for Ritalin, that helps control the ADHD symptoms during the school week.  But, also, thank God for the weekends, so those little wind-up toys we love so much can just spin and spin.


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