Why Does It Have To Be A “Disorder “?

I almost wish that the “d” wasn’t a part of my insufficient attention span issue. Adhd; attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder! But I’m smart on so many levels, why should I be labelled as having a disorder? The Oxford American concise dictionary defines disorder as ‘a state of confusion. the disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior. a disruption of normal physical or mental functions’.  Are you serious??  Maybe the ‘disorder’ part is for labelling all those ignorant ADDers who are so blissfully unaware that they are a spinning top; knocking around, and bumping into all normalcy in their lives, creating havoc!

So, what do we do when we are totally aware of our shortcomings due to ADD?  At 10 years old, I knew that there was something different about me, I asked my mother to take me to the doctor.  After a thorough examination, the doctor agreed with my mom that I was hyper.  The doctor perscribed a benzodiazepine for my mom so she “could handle the hyper little girl”.  I sought after help and didnt get it.  The undiagnosis from that office visit had sealed my fate, I made a complete mess of my life and the lives of anyone who was unfortunate enough to try to have a relationship with me.  Several marriages and divorces, several children, several fathers, and several unsuccessful attempts to go to college and get a career.

It took 27 years for me to get diagnosed correctly, adult ADD type 4.  I was estatic and depressed all at the same time.  I finally had a name for my “issue” but it was something that I was going to have to live with— forever.  Since I’m only 40 years young, I refuse to accept the fact that I am disordered.  I have IASI, Insufficient Attention Span Issue.


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